Industrial automation

Ready-made industrial PLC-s are developed for standardized environments including many kind of --actually surplus of-- functionality. Our ones are shaped for the specified tasks therefore do not include any unnecessary parts. Furthermore this way of development allows us to keep many of the existing parts even in the case of refurbishing/modernization projects.

Custom Solutions

As you can see in the above samples we prefer suitable microcontroller-based solutions. Though the development process might last a bit longer we enforce these customized PCB-solutions rather than usage of uniformed PLC-s.

Software Techniques

Software modules are also custom-developed. User interfaces are mainly based on VS products: VB.NET, C#. Microcontroller firmware solutions are based on C++ routines. User interface hardware units lines are from PDA-s to industrial PC-s featuring different touch-screen and other recent input devices.

Data collecting

Up to date quality assurance must be based on reliable data collection system. Our firm focuses on the technical issues of that by development/implementation of different data-collector networks. Most recent methods evolve mobile-devices for data input such as PDA-s based on any of the today’s communication technologies: GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Appropriate selection of communication channels –further to the technical requirements might depend on data security/encryption problems.

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