CAD design


CAD is essential in recent development/design processes. In the past years computer technology (both hardware & software) have been grown quickly so CAD technology is affordable for everyone. Processor-consuming 3D graphical visualization is no longer a challenge even in PC-environment. Virtual assemblies based on movement constraints, collision analysis, FEA could be performed quickly prior to prototyping. All these factors lead to a much cheaper development process.

Electrical CAD designs

Circuit design from the theoretical drawings to the PCB-design could be aided by CAD. Modeling/simulation similar to the case of mechanical design could be very time/cost effective.

Cost optimalization

We increase this efficacy by involving our students to these jobs. Further to lowering the design costs it helps future engineers get experiences and challenge themselves in real development projects. Our design/planning activity covers primarily the demand of our own developments but we are ready to participate in any (part) designing/development tasks as well.

The Ap-x Ltd. calculates FREE OF CHARGE of your developing plans.

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