FCI Insulator

The company history stretches back to the beginning of the 70-ies, when Hungarian engineers working as employees of the state-owned VKI (Electric Industry Research Institute) supported by several other research institutions started to develop composite insulators, which were considered an absolute novelty in those times.

The first 400 kV insulators with a liquid silicone rubber (LSR) coating were made within this development process in 1976. The first insulators were installed in the Hungarian section of the Göd (HU) – Léva (SK) international transmission line, and their reliability had been proved by their faultless operation for more than 20 years!

After this successful beginning and upon the request of the MVM (Hungarian Electricity Works), the development of a fabrication technology suitable for mass-production was started in 1982. The development attracted several purchase orders placed with the research group, which participated in successful foreign experimental projects in numerous countries (such as Switzerland, Japan, and so on).

Due to the worldwide echo of such an important development, to the relevant experience acquired during the years and to the know-how related thereto, the Japanese Furukawa Electric Co. bought the Insulators Technical Department of VKI in 1991, and the Furukawa Electric Institute of Technology Ltd. (FETI) was set up where the earlier developments were carried on, supported by a Japanese background. In 1993, the FCI Furukawa Composite Insulator Ltd., a company specialized in composite insulators mass-production was set up, and the new factory built in 1995 was the place where the production on a large scale began.

During the last 15 years, the company participated in several successful and special projects so that the range of the manufactured products is significantly wide and the number of the insulators manufactured in this factory exceeds 1,000,000 pieces, by now.


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