State Printing Company

State Printing House Plc. having large traditions in the production of security products has been producing cards since 1998. The Corporation became one of the leading card manufacturers in the region over the past years. State Printing House Plc. produces VISA, MasterCard and EMV chip bank cards both for Hungarian and foreign banks. Bank card production is based on a comprehensive, audited production and security protection. State Printing House Plc. has the licenses not only for the production of VISA and MasterCard bank cards and for the personalization of EMV identification, but it has the equipment for the production of PIN envelops and monthly account balances and their personalization as well.

Among the most important references of State Printing House Plc. are the Hungarian card documents – including the personal identification cards, vehicle registration cards, driving licenses and student ID cards – or the Slovakian health insurance card, the Irish employees’ card as well as the Albanian driving license. The Corporation provides full range correspondence service for the administrative institutions, banks, and the insurance companies as well as the public utility companies from the printing to the mailing. The Corporation produced nearly five hundred million cards and personalized tens of billions of forms over the last twelve years.

State Printing House Plc. offers its clients a full range of card solutions from the production, through the personalization, to the mailing. The Corporation’s card product offer includes the bank cards, PIN cards, gift cards, the loyalty, membership and ID cards and other plastic cards.

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