Production control is the highest level of automation. Consist of methods accountable for managing the whole production process. By its features the automated machines communicate each other and the other units of the factory such as order management, inventories, quality control, customer support etc.

Development of such complex system is a real challenge requires long term planning and testing. Our company can produce modules and connect them to the existing system at any point. Several protocols are known and applied in industrial environments. This situation is rather frequent in older systems which have undergone more development steps. Our goal is to simplify the poyimorphism and standardization within the company. Requests for substitution of certain high-price licensed modules (e.g SAP) are reasonable.

The concept:

easy, user-friendly, modular system with the opportunity of further development. Following these guidelines we solved several tasks and will keep this activity. We are looking forward to mange suchlike solutions being your confident partner. Do not hesitate to call us for offer..

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