Design Process

AP-X Ltd. has been involved in the simulator development/manufacturing since the mid-nineties. In terms motion-simulator is a moving cabin within which a high resolution display visualizes the scene --synchronized with the motion-- giving the experience of (virtual) reality. Our simulators could be classified in 2 main groups: entertainment ones and those for educational purpose.

Our entertainment-simulator is a 4-person general purpose one, which has a microbus-sized moving part. In the cabin a HQ audiovisual unit could be found (up to 3D+ visualization & Dolby 5.1 surround system). In synchrony with the animation this cabin is moved by a 4degree-of-freedom mechanics (hydraulics). The setup of this movement system allows you to set the dynamics from mild to wild. Weight of the equipment is over 2 tons and prepared for serving big numbers of customers. This type is not interactive meaning that the user cannot control the movements during the ride in any form.


The other type of simulator is for education purpose. This one helps to build motorbike-riders’ practical skills prior to go to the “street fight”. Applying this during the courses decreases the number of lessons needed to reach the appropriate level of traffic-driving. Future riders could develop their skills in a safe environment. This is an interactive simulator: drivers use the same controls as they rode on a real bike to go on the virtual roads.


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